INFO: correctly computed bobolink

Birds of a feather,
Flock together, but what about
Index terms? Do they?

It's time for my... semi-monthly job status update! I'm still doing work here, and NOW IT'S GOING A LITTLE MORE AWESOME. I'm still getting mega-frustrated with the thing as a whole (frameworks? uck. And why should you be able to do a thesis in CS by just writing a lot of code? Shouldn't you have to do something arguably new? There were some presentations today in our lab that were basically that some Masters students are revamping systems to work with German and English instead of just German... diploma, please.), and I'm still pretty sure that I'll have to go work for Bill Stone (or some other explorer-adventurer), but it's a relief to see a string of things that say

INFO: correctly computed bobolink
INFO: correctly computed muckadilla creek
INFO: correctly computed jacky-jacky

That means that my algorithms are working, and maybe someday you'll see me in the acks for a book index. ;) Plus I get to read about weird stuff on the interwebs.


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