mails and males

A nation of the fit
Does more than just code, they know
How to par-t-tay!

So that haiku was awful, but I'm exhausted. Today was the TU Meet n' Move (which is a ridiculous name, I know... but it was in English, and I guess it sounds, er, alluring?), which basically meant that anyone could get free entry to the stadium here and fool around with sports from different countries, including football (aka soccer), disc golf, dodgeball, hopscotch, marathon running, and climbing.

The climbing was totally sweet: Mathieu and I checked it out. I guess it wasn't all climbing... it was more like... an obstacle course suspended between trees? I'm not exactly sure what to say about it, and neither of us had our camera. Anyway, it involved rock walls, log walks, swings to walk between, hanging skateboards, and ziplines. Totally worth it (especially since it was free).

After that was Jugger! There was a different set of guys today, and an entirely different tone. It started with a round of Last Man Standing, which is basically the best excuse there is to hit each other with sticks when there aren't enough people to play a game. Mathieu eventually materialised, though, which led to real play. :P I brought Titi along on Tuesday, and she seemed to have fun with it, but Mathieu really took to it today. I decided that facing the Chain is a pretty decent throwback to being 8 and playing jumprope.

For any of you in Bloomington who are reading, I think that we need to start a Jugger team in same. The guys here have helpfully created a wiki detailing how to play/build weapons/etc. (sadly in German, but theoretically I'll remember it), and it's definitely worth it. Also, please watch Salute of the Jugger before I return if you get the chance. :3 One of the guys today commented that I "shouldn't have any trouble finding 9 others who would be interested, especially since [I'm] a girl."

I also got mail! (hint, hint) It was exciting to get my first package, but I did learn the very important fact that in Germany people do not use FedEx. The nearest FedEx is about an hour from where I live, so Mom had to have them redeliver to my workplace. (Note: if packages are sent in the future, please use the package address on the blog.) I'm really happy to have a charger for my camera again, especially since Mathieu lost his. Yay, photos!

Also, yay, news! I haven't been keeping up with happenings as much as I perhaps should have been, due to the fact that Time and Newsweek don't come to me any longer. But Mom mailed those, too, so they should keep me company on the ride to Munich tomorrow.


Adam said...

Forget Time and Newsweek, I just hope you're keeping up with Iran. It's been a pretty insane week.

Valkyrie Savage said...

...I'm a bad kid that way. I'm checking it out now, though.

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