the universal language

The universe, from
Unchanging foundations, all
The world round. Lovely.

No, not English. It's said that mathematics is the universal language. Numbers can describe any detail in any field, and it's one thing that ties our current studies to the efforts of scholars millenia ago.

But math majors are easy to spot. Yesterday I was wandering the park at TUD after work, and I heard the strange call of drei, zwei, eins, JUGGER!! What the..?

So I headed over, and I found a dozen or so people running at each other, yelling and brandishing foam-covered staffs. Math majors.

When they took a break, I asked what on earth they were doing. It was explained to me that they were playing a game based on Mad Max. The next natural question, of course, was could I join. The answer was yes, and now I'm on my way to knowing some more German people. Hahahaha. :D


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